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Analyzing our financial portfolio platform

Over our history, we have treated clients from over 114 different countries in the world. This company is managed by the best hands In the field of investment, successfully handling commodities, property trading and assets management with an enviable track record and 100% assurance of optimum output.

Investment is made very simple with BLUEMEG INVEST It is time to build your portfolio with a self-directed account and save on fees.

Start Building Wealth

Our portfolio plan

We give you the best option to switch your capital in to a reliable portfolio as your financial circumstances changes for good. We will change your thoughts on ideas on how you invest to suit your needs without additional costs!

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Minimum Deposit: $200.00

Maximum Deposit: $4,999.00

1.1% Daily Profits

Contract: 60 Day/s

Referral Commission 5%

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Minimum Deposit: $5,000.00

Maximum Deposit: $49,999.00

1.4% Daily Profits

Contract: 120 Day/s

Referral Commission 5%

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Minimum Deposit: $50,000.00

Maximum Deposit: $99,999.00

1.8% Daily Profits

Contract: 240 Day/s

Referral Commission 5%

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Minimum Deposit: $100,000.00

Maximum Deposit: $499,999.00

2.1% Daily Profits

Contract: 480 Day/s

Referral Commission 5%

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Minimum Deposit: $500,000.00

Maximum Deposit: $1,000,000.00

2.5% Daily Profits

Contract: 720 Day/s

Referral Commission 5%

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How It’s Work

Getting Started in 3 Steps


Register an Account

Open an Account for free in just a few minutes and verify your email


Fund your Account

Easy and Secure, choose one of the multiple payment methods available, make deposits and get funded instantly.


Start A Plan

Choose any portfolio plan that suits your financial status and start earning instantly.

We understand

Understand our trading strategies and top performance Ideas

Designed to passively achieve a level of performance that outplays general market trends.

Investment Advisory

We’re relentlessly focused on our clients, this means that your long-term success is our main goal. As a client you’ll hear from us regularly. Not because we have something to sell, but to keep you informed about how we’re managing your money and to make sure we understand your needs.

Financial Planning

A good financial plan is the blueprint that helps you make decisions holistically and confidently. We can help our clients with budgeting and cash flow analysis, estate and tax planning, and even strategies for maximizing Social Security.

Portfolio Management

Over the last decade we have outperformed the average private client investor in almost all periods. Our client returns are one of the best in the whole world because we believe in using the least amount of input to achieve the highest amount of output.


Registered and Regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) UK

BLUEMEG INVEST has an unrivaled worldwide portfolio of developments that include Off-- plan portfolio opportunities. As one of the leading portfolio consultancy, our extensive track record and our exclusive partnerships allow us to present our clients with a high-performing portfolio company that traditionally would only be available to institutional investment and funds.

Before we launch a new development, we undertake extensive due diligence to ensure our clients can invest with utmost confidence. We balance a regional focus with a worldwide outlook, working with investors to meet their individual needs.

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Ready to help

Stress-free, automated investment

Start investing with BLUEMEG INVEST today, Get access to wealth creation that was previously reserved for the top 1% of people.

We replay faster than Ever!

Get help from our experts in minutes, not days. With the help of ever growing Artificial intelligent, we now have multiple chart bots that connect with our clients and solve their problems in minutes. Our support team also monitors the activies of these A.I bots and takes charge when needed.

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Our mobile app will be available at all platform, making it easier to manage your assets.